2019 Ford Focus Head-Up Display Uses Fighter Jet Tech

The 2019 Ford Focus starts the next generation of this iconic compact car. A significant redesign manifests itself in sleek exterior styling to the more spacious, feature-packed interior. Industry-first technologies bring the Focus to the forefront of its segment with the 2019 Ford Focus Head-Up Display.

One exciting feature we’ll see on the 2019 Ford Focus is its new Head-Up Display, which draws inspiration from fighter jets. The Ford Focus HUD is unique in its lack of glare, which is a big problem in many other head-up systems, thanks to its use of perpendicular light waves rather than parallel ones.

Wearing sunglasses makes other HUDs useless. With the 2019 Ford Focus Head-Up Display — which filters polarized light and bounces it back — you can see the display clearly even with sunglasses on. The Focus’ HUD will let you see vehicle stats even in especially reflective environments like when you’re driving by water or through the snow.

Plus, this head-up display has one of the largest fields of view of any HUD on the market, as well as one of the brightest displays, making it one of the easiest displays to see even without the fighter jet technology.

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