Benefits of Four-Wheel Drive

There are so many things to figure out when you’re shopping for a new car—like should you opt for the four-wheel drive or the standard two-wheel drive? Four-wheel drive is becoming more popular and can be a great option for people who live with severe winter weather several months out of the year.


Four-wheel drive is not to be confused with all-wheel drive. Both systems send power to each of the wheels rather than to just two. However, all-wheel drive is always on and uses sensors to determine when your car needs this adjustment to power. Four-wheel drive, on the other hand, relies on a switch to turn on or off. This is ideal for frequent winter travel because the all-wheel-drive sensors don’t always engage all four wheels when you need it. With four-wheel drive, you can decide when you need power to all of the wheels.

Better Handling Bad Conditions.

For the driver, having power sent to all of the wheels means better acceleration in slippery conditions, and better handling, too. It can give the driver a level of confidence in the snow and ice that they otherwise might have. To check out how four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive vary in person, visit Rudig Jensen Ford CDJR to see some of our four-wheel drive options.

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