Ford Focus Art Installation Tours Europe

Ford Focus art installation

“Cars” and “art” are not normally two words that most people associate with each other. But Ford is turning heads in Europe as the company debuts a Ford Focus art installation designed to draw focus to the Focus.

The art installation itself is 20 feet high and 98 feet long, employing the use of 540 LED video tiles spelled out in the shape of the word “Focus.” As curious viewers approach the art installation, one of the video tiles will prompt them by asking them about their passions — or more specifically, their focus in life. The AI connected to the installation can converse with approaching pedestrians in four different languages. It took engineers 6,000 hours total to build the entire displays, and another 200 hours to train the AI.

The Ford Focus art installation helps to bring attention and spread word about the all-new 2019 Ford Focus. The attraction kicked off its tour in Milan, Italy, moved to London for the beginning of July, and is set for the destinations of Berlin and Madrid. The new Ford Focus will debut in Europe later this year.

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