Ford Motor Company Hires Blackberry Employees

Few people know of Blackberry as more than an old cell phone company that fell from its former glory at the hands of Google and Apple. As it turns out, the former cell phone company is still kicking. In fact, Ford Motor Company just hired in 400 Blackberry employees as part of software development partnership.

Following the decimation of Blackberry’s cell phone development, the company turned to developing automotive software instead. The reason Ford Motor Company hired 400 former Blackberry employees is to ultimately help build a smarter, more connected car.

Ford Motor Company hire

The Ford-Blackberry partnership formed in 2014 in an effort to become more competitive and lead the industry in in-car connectivity. Blackberry effectively replaced Microsoft’s system in its infotainment software.

The 400 Blackberry employees will double the number of in-house connected-car engineers at Ford Motor Company. Of the 400, 300 will come from Canada, while the remaining 100 will move from Florida. The current partnership only lists connect-car features as the joint project, though both companies left the door open for work on autonomous driving technology.

Ford’s SYNC and SYNC 3 infotainment systems currently use Blackberry’s QNX software. Hiring 400 employees will only speed up the development of in-car connectivity.

We at Rudig Jensen can’t wait to see what these former Blackberry employees come up with!

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