For New Ford Transportation App, Company Teams up with Silicon Valley Software Startup

Ford Transportation App

When we think of the Ford Motor Company, a few things immediately come to mind: tough, dependable trucks, versatile SUVs, and a variety of cars. But, now we can add another thing to the list as Ford groups up with a Silicon Valley-based Software startup to develop a new Ford Transportation App.

The move comes as the beginning phase of a greater plan to develop a variety of transportation service apps using software made by Autonomic Inc, a relatively small and young software company.

The first app developed by Ford is called Non-Emergency Medical Transport, which launched this summer in collaboration with Beaumont Hospital in Michigan. While this app might not sound like the most exciting to some, it signals Ford’s growing interest in a wider range of transportation services. With the help of the app, patients can easily schedule pickups and appointments from their smartphones.

The new app is just getting started, but drivers of all types should be excited about this latest development from Ford as its new technology lays the groundwork for future ventures into different transportation services, including autonomous cars.

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