Dodge Designer Previews Dodge Demon Logo

Demon Updates.

If you’re a Dodge fan, then you probably know about the iconic Dodge Challenger SRT Demon—the sports car with a reputation for tearing up the track. However, you might not have known that the Dodge Demon is getting a logo redesign.

The head of design for Dodge and SRT, Mark Trostle, recently shared a sneak preview of his work on the Dodge Demon logo. This preview shows no less than fifty variations of the logo. Despite the unique details of each take on the logo, each one contains the necessary features that represent the spirit of the Dodge Demon: power, aggression, and of course, a demon.

Lots of Brain Storming.

Lots of thought has gone into the Demon’s logo in order to properly highlight its incredible power—an unheard of 808 horsepower which surges from a powerful V8 engine. Because of the model’s potent capabilities and playful qualities, the design team for the most recent Demon logo was looking for a logo with more of a mischievous than the evil vibe.

Since there are so many different options the brand could choose, we aren’t quite sure what the finalized Dodge Demon logo will look like. But whether it’s a human skull with horns, a devilish bat-looking creature, or a dragon on wheels, it’s sure to emphasize the Dodge Demon’s unstoppable power.

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