Three Money-Saving Fuel Efficiency Tips

Saving the $$

You may not be able to control the prices of gas, but you can certainly control how much of it you use. Use these fuel efficiency tips from Rudig Jensen Ford CDJR to get the most bang for your buck out of every tank.

Brake Less

Rush hour can be bad for more than your temper. Starting and stopping is bad for the gas tank, too. Every time you slow down and speed back up, you use more gas than if you maintained an even speed. Rather than racing ahead to meet stopped traffic, work towards finding the slow, idling speed that will keep you steady.

In the same vein, don’t slam on the brakes at a red light. Instead, come to a gradual stop and accelerate slowly to use less gas in the process.

Reduce Drag

Did you know that over 50% or your engine power on the highway is used to push past aerodynamic drag? Fortunately, cars are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. But if you have cargo on the top or back of your vehicle, you’re canceling this out. Only transport cargo—including their empty racks—when you really need to.

Plan Your Routine

It seems almost too simple to mention, but planning ahead of time can save you both gas and time. Take a few minutes to figure out the most efficient route with the least traffic and the fewest stoplights. Combine errands when you can, and you can save money on gas all while finishing your chores more quickly!

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