How to Be a Perfect Travel Companion

Spring is fast approaching and if you’re like most people, you are probably planning a road trip with friends to celebrate. But are you experiencing any resistance from your friends? It might be because you’re terrible company on the road. To help, we’ve thrown together a few tips on how to be a perfect travel companion.

# 1 – Have the ability to adapt to suddenly changing circumstances. There are so many contingencies once you are on the road. First and foremost, there’s changing weather. Or, what if your friend loses his or her wallet? The bottom line is: don’t make it worse. Good travel companions possess a stoic resolve to have a good time.

# 2 – Be willing to try new things. Don’t be that guy who insists on doing the same stuff, particularly eating the same stuff, that you can do back home. New experiences aren’t necessarily always great experiences. But that’s the point! You never know until you try.

# 3 – Give your travel companions space. If you are the kind of person who likes to travel attached at the hip to your companions, that’s really only cool if they are the same way. But if your friend suggests she wants to take a walk alone or spend some time alone in a coffee shop, don’t fight it!

A road trip is a great way to recover all of that optimism and zest for life that you lost back when the first snows fell. Make it easy on your friends by being a perfect travel companion.

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